To be customers’ fist choice in working class of industries and being innovative and excellence merchandize services in east Africa


MGC is dedicated to provide outstanding customer value in gross selling in merchandise, food, non-food, construction and building materials with avoidable price in quality standard and being innovative solution, socio economic needs and ECO friend. 


  • Outstanding value to the market and clients
  • Commitment
  • Ethics
  • Transparent
  • Credibility
  • Accountability

Motto:     Quality, reliable, committed  and Excellence goods and services for all

Our History

The company was officially launched 1/ 2/ 2005 by group of business men in Kismayo, Somalai with a small seed capital but immediately seized up the un taped market opportunity. We first started sourcing supply from Mogadishu and distributing in Kismayo and its surrounding villages.

The company has grown up by scale of economics by pioneer strategic steps for unforeseen market demand in merchandise industry and sound financial management that profound by the skillful entrepreneur mindset.

In 2007 the company transformed into partnership form after the company expanded that let them new backward integration strategy by opening new office in Dubai. We started importing goods in gross selling by extending its market share with new fresh capital and new entrepreneurs.

In 2012, the company took the name; MALL GROUP OF CAMPANIES. The core business of the company is importation of assorted food staffs like Rice, Spaghetti, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, biscuits, sweets and Nonfood items like Cosmetics ,washing detergents ,building and construction materials  .We  became the leading company  in importation of above mention items to southern Somalia.


The company has opened up more than three international offices in Dubai, New delhi, Beijing and several agents so as to open up to the international market. These combined initiatives have led to drastic growth in the company turnover.

Mall group of company has established itself as the leading company that supplies food, non-food, and Construction /building materials in southern Somalia. The company is registered under jubaland state of Somalai and was issued certificate to imports and exports all types of commodities.

Our head quarter is in Kismayo-Somalia; Suuq Yare market and has several branches and agents in all our area of operation.

The company provides different goods and service and expands its market operation in local and oversea markets .Our area of operation is south of Somalia, Northern part of Kenya and some part of Ethiopia. 

Our staffs are part of the success of the company. They have function knowledge, are guided by a corporate directive to use their own best judgment with their focus on their customers at all times. The company has over 50 employees and these staff could increase with time.
 This company was made to be advised, influenced, and directed by our customers. We are Customer Company.